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The Syndicat d'Initiative et du Tourisme Larochette asbl exists since approximatively 1890 and since then its mission is to present the town to tourists.

The Board of Directors is as follows:
George Ginter, President
Piet van den Heuvel, Vice-President
Nicolay-Anciaux Laurence, Secretary
Lorang-Streff Josée, Treasurer
Danielle Ginter, Carine Gratia, Linda Gedink, Gaby Bouhlel, Members
Etienne Penez, representative of the municipal administration.

The tourist information office is located in the City Hall building, 33 chemin J.A. Zinnen, and is available all year on weekdays and in July and August on Saturday and Sunday as well, during the bank holidays Easter, Ascension and Whitsun.

Tourist Information
33, chemin J.A.Zinnen
L-7626 Larochette
Tel: 83 70 30 42

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