a bit of history

The origins of Larochette come probably from a mill along the White Ernz and surrounded by several houses. These constructions, were settled close to one another in an egg-shaped form that assured some self-defense.
It is from this “egg”, at the foot of the “Verluerekascht” rock, that the village was born. More houses were built as well as a citywall. This wall had two doors, one up in the village, higher than the wall which defends the castle, and another one on the eastern side on the banks of the river. These doors were secured by a round tower. Behind the original mill were a church, dedicated to Saint Nicolas, and a cemetery. It is only under Austrian government, after 1714, that Larochette will break out of the city walls and start the development of its different industries.

In a devastating fire in June 1864 the Saint Nicolas Church and 75 surrounding mansions were destroyed. A new Church was inaugurated in 1884 and dedicated to Saint Donatius.



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